Pricing Table Of Sunwah Pearl

Being invested by Sunwah Group Viet Nam. Simultaneously, located at the last unique riverside land of Saigon. As a consequence, Sunwah Pearl is promptly transformed and become super storm ever seen in the property market of south region of Viet Nam.


White Tower is firstly bought at Sunwah Pearl project. Beside that, owning absolutely Saigon river view. Consequently, the quantity of B1 apartments were deposited which is over 60%.

Anyway, because being one of block has the most 1 bedroom at Sunwah Pearl, B1 block will be a smart choice for anyone whom intend to invest for rent.

The official price of several apartments of White Tower (Block B1)

  •  One bedroom apartment [Area: 52.59 (sqm)]: just 2.5 billion (VNĐ)
  •  2 bedrooms apartment [Area: 98.92 (sqm)]: just 4.8 billion (VNĐ)
  • 3 bedrooms apartment [Area: 123.28 (sqm)]: just 6.2billion (VNĐ)

The official price of several apartments of Silver Tower (Block B2)

  • One bedroom apartment[Area: 56.49 (sqm)]: just 2.9 billion (VNĐ)
  • 2 bedrooms apartment [Area: 105.07 (sqm)]: just 5.3billion (VNĐ)
  • 3 bedrooms apartment [Area: 125.88 (sqm)]: just 6.5 billion (VNĐ)

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